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Jan 17, 2023

Welcome to - a place to be our authentic selves. The Doodle Project ( is pleased to announce the availability of a free activitypub instance for

Sep 27, 2022


Having a big family means making sacrifices. I had my own closet in the house to run my noisy server. It paired nicely with the wiring drop for all the wires in the

Sep 20, 2022


So, Linux VMs imported fine - this is good. There was some wonkiness with the network adapters as HyperV names them different, so I had to adjust the netplans to match the new

Sep 9, 2022


A long time ago, I came upon some 8TB WD USB3 drives. They serve a decent purpose in my ghetto fabulous compute server - they were the data drives for all the joy

Mar 24, 2022

Reverse Proxy & Home Internet

I really love my network at home and the small network I've built over the past few years up in the cloud. It's gone through a number of machinations

Jul 23, 2012

Part 6 - Hyper-V

In Windows 2012, the concept of the private cloud is finally at your fingertips.  Long gone are the half baked, half delivered features of Windows Server that promised ‘virtualization.’  VMWare had Microsoft and

Mar 14, 2012

The State of Storage in 2012

There is a great article in Information Week this week about the 2012 State of Storage [] that I wanted to comment on.  If you don’t have a subscription,

Jan 9, 2012

More Tools for 2012

In addendum to my previous toolset count – I’ve decided that this year, I’m going to invest in a few more tools to make life grand.  All of these are ostentatiously to

Jan 2, 2012

2012 - The Year of the Cloud

It may come as no surprise to anyone that I do in fact, heart the cloud.  Having spent the passed few weeks reading the most excellent book ‘The Big Switch’ and generally reveling

Mar 22, 2011

Where the Cloud Meets the Road

It occurs to me that a lot of gesticulation has been going on about the cloud over the past few quarters: is it good for business, is it secure, will it really reduce