January 9, 2012

More Tools for 2012

In addendum to my previous toolset count – I’ve decided that this year, I’m going to invest in a few more tools to make life grand.  All of these are ostentatiously to better productivity, but I think we all understand that I’m just a nerd that needs toys.  So here we go.

  1. I’ve been using OneNote since it came out.  Absolutely love it – best note taking thing since, well, ever.  EverNote gets MAD props for being ubiquitous but I just can’t get passed the gorgeousness of OneNote.  So – hooray for Microsoft for FINALLY coming out with a OneNote for iPad.  My notes are synchronized with SkyDrive so that I have them on Windows, iOS, Windows Phone 7 and if all else fails, Office Web Apps – which are amazing too of course.  What is new is my precious little Bluetooth/Clamshell keyboard for the iPad.  Makes.  Meetings.  Happy.
  2. Day One – when I’m being creative, thinking random thoughts, journaling for personal (not technical things), I have really enjoyed using the iOS/Mac app called Day One.  Not too expensive, does the job, synchs with DropBox but I hear it will soon get rid of that and go iCloud friendly.  Neat.  I try to journal at least once a day.  Why that couldn’t go into OneNote you ask?  I have no idea.
  3. Wunderlist – absolutely stunning application good for one thing – keeping up with the tasks.  I have it on every single device (except, ehem, Windows Phone 7 but I hear it is coming soon).  It is so rewarding to cross things off my lists.  In addition, the wife likes it because we have a shared list for the family that she can add honey do’s to.  Nice.  Speaking of which – the shared Task list thing – not too shabby!
  4. Instapaper – I’ve been using this service for a while now and it works great for the price.  The web interface is meh, but the dedicated iPad app is glorious.  What I really wish for here would be a nice Windows compliment to the awesome Mac app called Read Now which would make keeping my organized world more organized.
  5. IFTTT – If This, Then That – this is why the cloud rocks my freaking world.  I set up tasks that I want automated like ‘when I update a profile pic in Facebook, update the profile pic in Twitter’ or – ‘if it is going to rain today, send me a text’ or – my favorite – ‘if I flag a meeting as stupid in my calendar, call me ten minutes in so I can pretend there’s an emergency!!!’
  6. Quick Office Pro – since I am still stuck with iOS until Microsoft dazzles both me and my wallet with Windows 8 goodness, this is a great app that lets me work on my files offline, edit them ‘natively,’ etc from the variety of cloud properties that I have my files stashed.
  7. SharePlus – great tool for synchronizing the many MANY SharePoint lists and libraries that exist within the bounds of corporate world.  From iOS I can work on my list items (similar to an equally amazing SharePoint Workspace in the Windows world).