January 17, 2023

Welcome to - a place to be our authentic selves. The Doodle Project ( is pleased to announce the availability of a free activitypub instance for, available now for up to 100 users in our preview. In addition, we are excited to start a new journey in the fediverse by offering "Fediverse Single User Instance" domains for individuals and brands to bring their existing domain to a shared ecosystem without the headache of servers, moderation, emoticons, hashtags, and more by leveraging the multi domain hosting capabilities of the amazing platform being developed by Takahe. is a bit different than many other open registration fediverse environments (once out of preview). In addition to open registration for, low cost services for single (or a few) people to share a domain brand, and shared active moderation and reporting, is backed by our LLC protections with DCMA and NCMEC registrations in place and prepaid legal services prepaid. We seek to provide a safe and encouraging space for you to be your authentic self, build upon your brand (or help create your brand) in the fediverse, and make life easier for single user (or a few!) instance needs.

But, we're not done there! The fediverse is amazingly diverse and ever evolving. We're hard at work on a variety of additional services to be part of the ecosystem including WriteFreely, PeerTube, Pixelfed, BookWyrm, Lemmy, and more. It's not just about standing up instances of these great open source tools, but integrating them into a coherent community that can provide the right tool for the right kind of expression.

We hope you will join us on this journey, provide feedback, and be patient with us as we grow and break things. While we're not a completely free service, we hope to build a valuable solution and ecosystem that you can rely on to express ourselves. Before joining we ask you to know a few things: our terms of service, privacy policy, DMCA details, and server rules. You can get to all of these at

For our preview users leveraging the free community, you can redeem our invitation here:

If you'd like to join our single user instance system, we're accepting up to 20 customers in this first wave. Learn more here:

Finally, please note that Takahe doesn't currently support imports from other instances yet, and we've not yet deployed relay connectivity (another great service we offer!) - both of these will be coming soon. Federation works great though, so bring your contacts and follow them in your new home on today!