October 28, 2013

First 30 Minutes

In the first 30 minutes, I had to do the following:

1. Open up all of my email and do a search – worked good – yah Outlook

2. Realized that the second kickstand position is worth the price of admission itself – much better angle for actual work

3. Did a join.Me session from their app – couldn’t control the window, just observe, bit of a fail.

4. Held two Lync IM’s – worked fine – 3/4 pinning is nice in 8.1

5. Held one Google+ IM from IM+ app – like the app, too cheap for the ad free version, but wish I had the ad free version

6. Missed Chrome 🙁 and all my open tabs

7. Remoted into cloudshare successfully

8. Opened up SharePoint 2010 in IE and connected with WebDAV since there’s no real SkyDrive Pro client for RT yet

9. Needed access to my LastPass account – there was in fact an app for that – good work!

So… going good so far.  Just a few annoyances. Oh, and posted this entry from the app connected to my self hosted blog…nice