October 28, 2013

It's 9:30 - and?

Who woulda thought I’d need Access of all things this morning.  HA!  And Visio.  And Project.  Hrm.  This is why I am having to remote into Beefy at home and would certainly be nice to have with me, however, I don’t use them all that often so things are going okay without.

Being multi-task oriented, in non RT mode, I typically have between 15 and 20 windows open at once.  Seriously cramping my style only allowing like 5 apps to ‘run in the background’ but the alerts system is keeping up relatively well.

Not seeing any real sluggishness that was the hallmark of RT 1.0 – where there is sluggishness, I can understand the cause – the smooth cursoring in Office is annoying in non RT mode and RT mode – it’s just more pronounced in RT mode.

Remoting into Beefy at home working pretty well, about to switch over to the TeamViewer app to see if that works.