October 27, 2013

Starting tomorrow - One Week with Surface 2

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be attempting to use my brand new Surface 2 (not the Pro) as my primary work PC.  I’ve got a type keyboard, a mini-HDMI to HDMI converter a USB hub for my various USB things (mouse, thumbdrives, etc).

Will it work?  Not sure – with ALL of my work documents loaded into SharePoint 2010 (not Office 365), I’m not optimistic with no ability to sync back and forth but I’m going to give it my level best.

Why?  Something fun to do…here’s my list of test cases:

  • Three Statements of Work for prospective clients
  • One presentation for a speech I’m giving on Saturday at Dallas’ SharePoint Saturday
  • Six status reports
  • Daily deluge of anywhere from 100-300 emails
  • Three design documents for current clients – will require Visio and Project…see below
  • Some light app dev…see below
  • Lots of remoting into client servers…see below

In order to accomplish some of the things I know RT won’t do (Visio, Project, Visual Studio, stupid VPN clients), I’ll be using TeamViewer Touch to remote into my machine at the house, lovingly referred to as Mega Beefy.