January 11, 2013

SharePoint 2013 + PowerPivot/PowerView + Excel Web App

Here’s a funny one for you as identified by my buddy Bryan:

What do you get when you cross SharePoint 2013’s BI Stack (PowerPivot, PowerView, Excel Calc, etc) with the new version of Office Web Apps?  I’ll give you a hint – neither.  Oh yes, that glorious little nugget surfaced yesterday as Bryan was banging his head against the wall with MSFT support trying to figure out why Office Web Apps just completely broke when attempting to open up an Excel doc that had either PowerPivot or PowerView installed.

Exhibit A

If your organization is using Office Web Apps Server together with SharePoint Server 2013, then your organization can use either Office Web Apps Server or SharePoint Server to display workbooks. This decision affects which business intelligence capabilities are supported in a browser window.

To enable people to interact with workbooks that contain a Data Model or Power View views in a browser window, configure Excel Services in SharePoint Server to display workbooks. This requires a SharePoint administrator to run the New-SPWOPISupressionSetting cmdlet on the server where SharePoint Server in installed. For more information, see New-SPWOPISuppressionSetting.

Exhibit B

Dearest Microsoft – please remove head from you know where…you removed a feature from OWA 2010, it appears, because the OWA 2013 isn’t quite ready and so as a workaround, you can either A) use OWA to view Excel spreadsheets and not have the BI stack installed, or B) not use OWA for Excel.

Looking forward to the CU on that one.  Bless their little hearts.  Until then, you have to suppress the ability of SharePoint to view Excel spreadsheets in OWA if you want to use the BI stack.  Sigh.