January 14, 2013

Hacking RT - Getting Exciting

More news from the webs this morning that indicate MSFT now seems a bit more interested in the recent hacks of the running kernel in Windows RT which allows you to install and run any ol software you want (as long as it is compiled to ARM).  After the excellent research article was posted, the also excellent XDA Developers quickly (4 days!) released a tool for the ‘masses’ which does the same trickery without getting into Windbg:

Here is where you can find the tool.

Now, MSFT is taking it more seriously.

And someone else got Mac OS running on RT – ewe but cool.

I like the back and forth – enthusiasm around my beloved product, even at the expense of MSFT’s annoyance, is a GOOD thing – more press is better press.  Here’s hoping MSFT sees it the same way.