May 5, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Wiki Page Layouts

Let’s say you have some custom layouts you want to make available for all of your users when they create new pages in SP2010, but the Enterprise Wiki page layout is bumming you out.  You can of course just change them and/or add your own!  Found a great how to here this morning on changing (or adding to) the enterprise wiki layouts boxes.  The next step is to wrap those custom pages up into a feature and staple them to your existing sites to make them available for all to know and love.  Don’t forget to drop some webparts onto those layouts for a very wizard like experience when creating pages.  Bonus – you can staple your feature and/or override the Team Site definition to include your customized one instead of the default Team Site template – although the picture of the lady on the right of every home page in your farm may be cute, she likely doesn’t work at your company.