March 25, 2012

The Coming Storm - Introduction

If ever there was a time when the technology of the world that enables millions of businesses and this new concept of the cloud converged on a single piece of software, it is occurring with Windows Server 8.  While the rest of the planet contemplates the good, the bad and the ugly of Windows 8 client (myself included), I wanted to take an opportunity to digest the underpinnings of the server counterpart – to see if the server team was doing things as radical as their client team cousins.  The answer?  A resounding YES.  In fact, in many ways, what is happening on the server side of the shop is MORE disruptive and compelling than the client side.  Sexier even you ask?  Only to a nerd’s nerd (me) and maybe a few of my colleagues.

Windows Server 8 (WS8) focuses on making the life of the administrator easier.  It streamlines management, completes features introduced in previous versions, and adds a host of new features that make this the largest software update to Windows Server since Windows 2000.

WS8 also bridges many of the remaining gaps between the public cloud and the private cloud.  It allows dynamic and automated workflows for the rapid provisioning and re-provisioning of resources.  It brings into competitive parity (and then some!) its Hyper Visor with industry heavyweight VMWare and does so at a fraction of the cost.

This series focuses on my research within the technical preview documentation, my own personal experimentation with the product and thoughts of how they can apply to the real world as soon as it RTMs.  Over the coming months, I hope you enjoy what you see!