February 22, 2010

Patterns and Practices for MOSS 2010

Via the Innovation Showcase

The Patterns and Practice group at Microsoft recently (today) updated some patterns for MOSS 2010 which provides a good read and some great sample code.  I recommend at the very least looking over and understanding the MS patterns after you get your feet wet with the new API model for 2010.  I’m not much of a programmer, but when I do code, I find MOST of the patterns and practices guidance helpful, if a little thick sometimes.  It’s where I learned the MVC pattern and later on, the MVVC pattern.  From the blog post:

“Microsoft’s Pattern & Practices group has released a new, updated version of guidance for building collaborative SharePoint applications that extend your LOB systems.

This guidance helps architects and developers design and build applications that are both flexible and scalable and it focuses on four key areas:

  1. Using SharePoint capabilities to build more powerful applications;
  2. Building SharePoint applications that are easier to scale, maintain and grow;
  3. Improving application quality through testing;
  4. Improving and accelerating team productivity.”

They link into the MSDN article here and the CodePlex site for all the goodies here.

What are some of the patterns that you use when doing MOSS dev work?  I’ll be posting some more experiences here in custom dev work throughout my current assignment as a SharePoint consultant for a government contractor here in Dallas.