April 8, 2010

iPad Review Part 2

The iPad, which like all of my toys has a name, went to work with me today.  I wanted to check out how good it was at taking notes even without the yet to be purchased Bluetooth keyboard.  In a word:  awesome.  I had hooked myself up with a little app called Bento, along with EverNote and I used the landscape mode keyboard which is just darn near the size of a laptop keyboard.  Fantasticness abounded.  Good notes throughout the day and I am a fast typer so I was pleased that it could keep up with me and play music at the same time.  I still think that I will get the Bluetooth keyboard though as my forearms got tired after a while.  The iPad case that I bought also helped out by giving it a slight angle so that it wasn’t just flat on the desk.  Oh and the battery life!!!!!

In rather poop news, I do have some irrtations to comment on about the iPad.  First, as has been widely reported, the WIFI sucks.  At home in my lounge chard, where all of my important work gets done, I have my laptop at full bards, my iPhone at full bars and my iPad at one bar and crappy video streaing.  I did do a three line conference call on it with Skype (iPhone app still…come on guys!) and that went well but it made me yearn for iPhase OS4 and the sweet fruits of multitasking that is to come.  Another disappointment from today is my failure at first try (as well as second and third) too hook up the WIFI to my laptop’s WIFI in some ad hoc plus Internet sharing.  May just be the laptop but that was irritating.

All in all, it is still the most revolutionary device I’ve ever used, and I’ve used quite a few devices in my time.  If you don’t own one or haven’t yet tried one, I don’t expect you to understand.  If you do, I know that you will agree…I is amazing.  Way better at taking notes than my college days when I used a Compaq iPaq with a fold out Targus keyboard and WinMo3 Word…never could figure out why I got so many strange looks.

Oh – you were wondering what the iPad’s name was.  Well, it’s the most clever name that could possibly be attributed to the iPad.  It’s name is Max.  🙂