June 4, 2010

Download details: RDCMan

Just a quick note.  I fell in love today.  Microsoft released a tool that is very similar to its server cousin but better and for client.  It’s called Remote Desktop Connection Manager and it is glorious and it is here:

Download details: RDCMan.

What’s so glorious you say?

  1. I spend most of my day (well, the fun part anyway) neck deep in about 9 VMs.  This little dude lets me configure a group so that I can quickly log in using the same U/P to all 9 of them, and keep live thumbnails on them at all times.
  2. When I want to go into a specific machine, I right click and hit full screen – poof…to come back to thumbnails, I just hit the restore button and poof – thumbnails – live thumbnails mind you
  3. In thumbnail mode, I just click once on the itty bitty screen and start typing.  If you know what you’re trying to type, you can save the hassle of even opening up the screen – wouldn’t recommend it form much more than basic text commands.
  4. There’s more, but I promised quick so – yeah, go get that!