October 31, 2013

Day 2 and 3 of Surface 2 as Main PC

Second attempt at Day 2 and Day Three –
I shouldn’t have to do this – type my blog in Word and then copy and paste to the WordPress app.  I realize that’s an app fault but I’m literally steaming over losing my decently lengthy post about these two days of info on how it has been.  Oh well.  Here’s a recap:
Day 2 went pretty well – was able to use OneNote in RT mode without wanting to hit people.  That was decent.  Still getting used to only one window at once, snap view just doesn’t fit the bill for true multi-tasking, but works decent most of the time.  At the moment, I’m using snap view to keep really needed apps from closing because the state change is unpredictable between apps.  Some save where you are, others start completely over.  I know that’s app level stuff but it is what it is.
On a lighter topic, I’m an avid music fan of my specific kind of music.  Ever since the atrocious, style failure of the Xbox Music app’s attempt to replace Zune (oh yeah, I went there), I swore I’d never make that mistake again.  Since I had abandoned my Windows phone (see previous post), I got in on the relatively excellent Google Music.  Works good and works on my RT so that’s happy.  I did decide to peak at the promised to be completely revamped for 8.1 XBM app.  It is substantially better given where the bar was.  It sees all my music from home 8.1 PC (Beefy), and for the love of all things holy actually synced my playlists.  Also like the match service – worked even with songs that aren’t available in XBM (what the hell Garth?!).  But at this point, I need a compelling reason to switch back from Google Music.  It is cheaper, works on my Android (whereas the XBM app on Android is laughable – no offline access, really?) and is overall just cleaner.  But, given that the new Lumia is coming out that I’ve got my eye on, I might switch back to WP8 soon if the pace of decent apps continues to grow this holiday season.  IE is just no substitute for real apps, sorry.
Day 3 – took a break from life – never touched a computer and stayed home all day sleeping – been dealing with a serious sinus infection so Day 3 was recover from that and enjoy the wicked cool shot of meds I got.