July 14, 2011

A New Experiment

Have you ever found it more than a little frustrating to find out which cumulative update rollup service pack release to web version subversion of SharePoint 2010 Enterprise SP1 (or other Microsoft product) you have and where to get the latest and whether Microsoft has chosen to retract it post release because of a bug?  Yeah, me too.  There is a mountain of KB articles, blogs, wiki’s etc – most of which are just copied from one place to the other and crammed with ads, but they never seem to be easy to find!  How do I know if my Exchange 2010 SP1 UR 4 Release 2 is the latest and greatest?  Well, I (may) have an answer for you.

I’m starting a new experiment to bring it all together in an easy to use, easy to consume, not crammed with ads place for all the Microsoft software that I care about tracking.  I call it SoftwareVersion(info).  It is certainly a work in progress and doesn’t even have many products on it yet and I’d be happy to add other pieces of software from the Microsoft stack or non-Microsoft stack if you the dear reader would like.  The point of this simple blog post thing is to create a single article for each piece of software that you can get a feed off of (it’s just WordPress) that will always have the latest and greatest version + history and link to the relevant KB article.  I gather these data by skimming through the main MSDN and TechNet feeds each day, which I’ve been doing now for several years.  Great exercise in speed reading!

Anyways, if you find this at all useful, drop me a note, let me know what you think and if I should do anything different.  Could be fun!

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